Reminder to California Schwab Yield Plus Investors: Class Action Opt Out Deadline Looming

Investors who purchased the Schwab Yield Plus (SWYPX and SWYSX) money market funds, have until December 28, 2009, to decide whether to remain in the pending class action lawsuit or affirmatively “opt out” and pursue a securities arbitration claim. The following investors will be automatically included as class members if they do not take steps to opt out of the class action:

  1. Those that purchased the funds between November 15, 2006, and March 17, 2008;
  2. Those that purchased the funds between May 31, 2006, and March 17, 2008; and
  3. Any California resident who held the funds on September 1, 2006.

Investors should carefully consider whether or not opting out is the right choice for them based on their individual circumstances. Investors who elect to opt out of the class action can join hundreds of other investors who have filed their own independent securities arbitration claims with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

For more information, please see our previous blog posting: Securities Arbitration vs. Class Actions: Consider Your Options

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