Medical Capital Update: Massachusetts Regulators Charge Securities America With Securities Fraud

Thumbnail image for medcap.jpgOn January 26, 2010, Securities America, the beleaguered brokerage firm that is already subject to a multitude of securities fraud lawsuits, including a pending class action in California, was charged by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with misleading investors in the sale of notes issued by companies owned by Medical Capital Holdings, Inc. The regulatory complaint alleges that Securities America ignored red flags and deliberately failed to disclose the risks involved when selling $697 million worth Medical Capital Notes to unsophisticated investors. According to the complaint, investors were told that the notes were secured and low risk when, in reality, the notes were “unregistered, speculative, high risk securities, which were draped in the mantle of safety.”

Our securities law firm has been contacted by investors who purchased Medical Capital Notes from stockbrokers at Securities America, National Securities Corporation, CapWest, QA3 Financial and others. We are in the process of filing securities arbitration claims before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) seeking to recover Medical Capital losses from these brokerage firms, pending further investigation.

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