Expedited Arbitration Procedures for Senior Citizens and Seriously Ill Investors

At the University of San Francisco Law School’s Investor Justice Clinic, where I am an adjunct professor and supervising attorney, I am seeing a disproportionately large number of senior citizens who are victims of securities fraud and account mismanagement. The oldest client at the clinic is in her 90’s. Elderly clients and those who are seriously ill have unique needs that require swift justice.

The typical securities arbitration claim filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) takes about 1.25 years to complete. Fortunately, investors who are 65 years or older or seriously ill can request an expedited hearing under a program that was established in June 2004. So far, 701 customers have participated in FINRA’s expedited program and, according to FINRA, their cases have been resolved 31% sooner.

For eligible cases, FINRA assures investors that its staff will administer the hearing in an expeditious manner. This program is not specifically covered in the arbitration rules; however, FINRA has amended the Arbitrator’s Reference Guide to remind the arbitrators that they should avoid unnecessary postponements or do anything to delay the proceedings. In my experience, the program has been helpful but the expedited procedures should be included in the arbitration code. As it now stands, the burden rests on the investor’s attorney to insist on getting the earliest possible hearing dates while allowing enough time to adequately prepare the case.

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