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Thumbnail image for home loan.jpgOur securities law firm has seen an influx of complaints involving Non-Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that were marketed and sold to investors looking for a moderate risk fixed-income investment offering an attractive yield. However, like most investments, high risk and high returns are closely related.

Investing in these types of REITs can be fraught with perils that most investors fail to appreciate until it’s too late. The very complexity of a REIT investment is a risk factor in and of itself. Other risks include lack of liquidity and transparency. In short, investing in Non-Listed REITs is risky and is usually not suitable for investors seeking a conservative or even moderate risk fixed income investment. Most Non-Listed REITs can only be sold to investors who have a minimum net worth of $250,000 (excluding home equity, furnishings and automobiles). Even for qualified investors who are willing to assume more risk, Non-Listed REITs should only represent a small portion of an investor’s overall portfolio.

The Liquidity Trap

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lpl.jpgThe Enforcement Section for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has filed an administrative lawsuit against LPL Financial, LLC for violation of securities laws in connection with the sale of non-traded REITs. [R-E-I-T is an acronym for “Real Estate Investment Trust.”] The term “non-traded” refers to the fact that the REITs are not listed on a national stock exchange and investors have limited redemption rights. The Commonwealth is demanding that the firm make full restitution to Massachusetts investors who were improperly sold non-traded REITs. Following an investigation of 597 non-traded REIT transactions made by LPL, the Enforcement Section determined that 569 of those were made in violation of the prospectus requirements. For example, many of the non-traded REITs sold by LPL contained a requirement in their prospectuses limiting an individual investor’s purchase to 10% of their liquid net worth. The Commonwealth’s investigation focused on seven non-traded REITs sold by LPL:

  • Inland American, Cole Property Trust II, Inc.
  • Cole Credit Property Trust III, Inc.
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