Ameritas Investment Corporation Suing Its Own Brokers Over Customer Losses in Sale of Private Placement

As noted in a previous blog posting, ALF is pursuing an arbitration claim against Ameritas Investment Corporation on behalf of an investor who borrowed funds to invest in the IMH Secured Loan Fund (now known as IMH Financial Corporation). In an unusual move, Ameritas responded by filing a cross-claim against the broker who sold the investment seeking “contractual and/or common law contribution and/or indemnity” on the basis that any harm or damage suffered was the result of acts or omissions of the broker. It is believed that the broker in question was, at the time, acting in the capacity of an agent or employee of David White & Associates based in San Ramon, California.

As a result of these developments, ALF is stepping up their investigation into this matter and is reaching out to other IMH investors who purchased through brokers employed or affiliated with Ameritas Investment Corporation and/or David White & Associates. ALF is also interested in speaking with current or former brokers employed or affiliated with Ameritas and/or David White & Associates.

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